Brand New Day visit Year 5 and Year 6

Melissa, Bernadette and Therese had the pleasure this morning to visit St Gregory’s Junior College at Gregory Hills to talk with the Year 5 & 6 classes about our Letters of Hope.

Early next week the students will do a special writing workshop with Mrs Cosentino where many letters will be created for us to pass onto elderly people within local aged Care facilities.

Team Hope crew member Sean joined us in our presentation and did an outstanding job in front of his peers explaining what we do when we visit an aged care facility and where everyone’s letters that are sent in to us go.

There were a lot of questions asked from the students and we are very excited and can’t wait for their finished letters to arrive.

A big thank you for the invitation & organisation to Mr Weeks the Principle and to class teachers Mrs Cosentino and Mrs Snushall.