Letters of Hope delivery 8/4/18

Team members Bernadette, Melissa, Heather and Therese with some of the Team Hope crew – Alex, Lachlan, Miss G, Shaun, Mary and Maddi, delivered 150 Letters of Hope to Kilbride – Estia Health in Rosemeadow.

It’s very humbling to share the letters that are sent in with the residents; so many of them become overwhelmed with gratitude.

We all enjoy reading the letters out when we can as this helps us open up conversations.

One gentleman was 99 years young and had one of our team enthralled by his stories.


A big thank you to the Lifestyle Coordinator Laura who helped put together the morning.

Overall big hit were the chocolates!

Thank you to everyone who take the time to sit and put together a Letter of Hope… Your kindness really does make a difference.

We need over 100 letters per aged care facility.

Photo memories captured by Alex & Miss G.

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