-the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.

Local Schools-

City of Campbelltown Local Schools


Wollondilly Local Schools


Australian Schools Directory


Private Schools Directory


Home School Liaison Programme

Phone: (02) 9203 9900

Dept of Education and Training, Roy Watts Rd, Glenfield NSW 2167


NSW Department of Education


Reachout Centre

Adult Learning Literacy

Phone: (02) 4620 7400


Macarthur Community College


South Western Institute TAFE NSW – Campbelltown College

Phone: (02) 4620 1700

Narellan Rd, Campbelltown


University of Western Sydney (UWS) – Macarthur Campus

Phone: 1300 897 669

Narellan Rd, Campbelltown


Improve your qualifications


Sydney Model and Etiquette College

Phone: (02) 9955 0708


Mission Australia – Links to Learning Early School Leavers Program – Campbelltown

Assists young people 15-24 years who have left school early and are not currently participating in some form of recognised education or training. Assists post school education or return to school.

Phone: (02) 4621 7400

Mission Australia South West Youth Services- 12 to 25 years

Services provided: Learning programs, Youth Gambling, Drug and Alcohol.

They provide education, employment, life skills and other support to young people at-risk. South West Sydney Youth Hub is a preventative and early intervention service. It assists young people who are at risk of entering the ‘no home, no job’ cycle, through the provision of social housing assistance linked to education, training, employment and life skills programs, to support their transition to independence. The service runs youth specific activities and offers drug and alcohol counselling, anger management, conflict resolution and peer mediation. South West Youth

Services has a youth centre that provides many programs such as the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program (DAAP), post-release support programs, employment skills programs for young people leaving detention and Job Placement Employment and Training programs (JPET).

Phone: (02) 4621 7400



Offering traineeships, access to technology including low cost refurbished computers and laptops and skills training in communities around the country, including Connect Centres: Claymore, Macquarie Fields and Minto.

Workventures work with people at risk of social and economic exclusion who are seeking to improve their lives. They aim to improve the employability of the people they work with, by providing people with skills, attitudes, behaviours and resources that result in; work experience, traineeships & apprenticeships, volunteering, mentoring, or other community contributions, self employment/permanent employment.

Phone: (02) 9275 8199, (02) 9275 9399

Connect Centres

Run a range of free activities specifically for members of the local community

  • Airds (02) 4628 8622
  • Macquarie Fields- (02) 9618 0677
  • Claymore- (02) 4628 2901


Macarthur Disability Services

Provide programs to people with a wide range of disabilities. This includes intellectual, physical, sensory, neurological and psychiatric disabilities. They also have specific programs to support carers.  MDS assists over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities, their families and carers every week.MDS can help families who are experiencing disruptions due to challenging behaviour, help people through the maze of services by helping them make appropriate referrals and advocate for people when needed.

Services include: Information and Referral, Personal helpers and mentors program, Recreation and Leisure Activities, Home and Community Care (HACC) Services and Aboriginal HACC, The Haven Project, Carer Coordination Service, Macarthur Personnel Employment Services, Transition to Work, Community Participation, Day Programs, Community Development, Behavioural Intervention Support Services (BISS), MDS Training Centre, and Complete Property Services.

Phone: 1800 683 232

Campbelltown Phone: (02) 4621 8400

Camden Phone: (02) 4655 2043


NDCO- National Disability Coordination Officer Program in Western Sydney

Assist people with disability to participate in post school education, training and employment


Macarthur Parents- an MWLP Initiative

MWLP has been contracted by the Australian Government to work with education and training providers, business and industry, parents and families and community groups to foster a strategic, whole of community approach that supports young people’s learning and development.



Provides information on: accommodation, employment, education, transport, disabilities, disorders, equipment, recreation, disability organisations and support groups, building access and design, legislation, benefits and mobility.

Phone: (02) 4620 029

Phone: 1800 029 904, (02) 9211 1300, TTY 02 6947 3377


Oasis Youth Support Network

The Oasis Youth Support Network provides a place of safety and care where, through compassion and skillful intervention, troubled young people find refuge and hope to achieve dreams and potential. Located in Surry Hills, Oasis provides over 25 cutting edge programs that offer critical points of intervention and support for homeless and disadvantaged young people between 16 and 24 years of age. These holistic and life changing support services include; case management, counselling, crisis and transitional accommodation, legal support, accredited workplace training, education and vocational opportunities, specialist intervention services and multimedia training.

Phone: (02) 9331 2266

Web: http:/

The Community Links Wollondilly- CLW

Adolescent Support Worker Provides information and advice to young people and their families experiencing problems such as alcohol and drug misuse; health issues; mental health issues; safety; relationships; education; training, employment; culture; homelessness and justice issues. They also provide information and support so that young people and their families can access the appropriate services for their circumstances.

A link to The Little Blue Book (Youth Mental Health Resource) and other resources including YouTube clips. Web:

Phone: (02) 4683 2776


The Benevolent Society- Centre for Women’s, Children’s & Family Health- Campbelltown  

Working with women in the Macarthur area to enable them to gain the confidence, skills and resources to create positive futures for themselves, their children and their communities.

They provide services that promote the health, wellbeing and welfare of women across with a focus on supporting those affected by domestic violence and family violence, and Aboriginal women.

Services include crisis support and intervention, counselling (individual & family), groups & education, advocacy, case management, free internet access and computer use, childcare when assisting services, interpreter service, health checks, ante-natal clinic and legal advice.

Phone: 1800 077 760