Project Bluebird Update



Our Project Bluebird initiative was launched, May 31st 2014, and supported women and their families in need within our communities.

We are all in this together…

Activity overview:-

Provided 800 full sized crisis toiletries bags (All crisis toiletry bags came inside a calico bag to keep contents discreet and contained a full sized shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap & soap holder, body wash and sponge, toothpaste & toothbrushes and other collected/donated items) 

Provided 411 Essential Comfort Backpacks for children aged 0 – 8 years (backpacks contained a variety of items such as nappies, undies, baby wipes, hand-wipes, teething rings, dummies, soft comfort toy or cushion, stress ball, activity book, reading book, notebook, coloured pencils, lead pencil, sharpener & eraser)

Provided 955 pairs of new knickers in all shapes & sizes and 236 pairs of new socks,

Provided numerous Hope & Happiness kits (a small bag of items given to ladies, as a reminder to hang in there when needed) 

Provided a huge number of washing baskets, dustpans & brooms, brooms, cleaning products & washing products and toasters & electric kettles, and a huge number of different sanitary items, distributed to where they will be needed. 

Completed four successful winter appeals; enabling empty shelves within organisations & services across the region to be restocked for the growing number of women & their families needing them to keep warm throughout our cold winters.

Provided, separate from the winter appeal – 805 new cotton covered pillows, over 250 different sized new cotton covered doonas and sheet sets.

Provided new, recycled, pre loved and beautifully handmade items for the homeless.

Provided many ‘Connecting women’ outreach workshops, for women in crisis including those escaping domestic violence.

Held many Breakthrough cancer pamper days and Carers pamper days

Delivered over 1100 Letters of Hope, reaching out to the elderly community in Aged Care facilities across Macarthur.

We didn’t do this alone, we needed help- Along with our fundraising we are sincerely thankful to the many individuals, businesses & schools within our communities. Without their help we would not have been so successful…

Thank you to all those who have participated in being a huge part in this initiative.

A COLLECTION OF PHOTOS BELOW CAPTURING SOME OF OUR PROJECT BLUEBIRD ACTIVITIES – Please move your mouse to the top of the picture to see full view