Francis Bodkin

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Fran says “Never ever accept anything. Always ask yourself why, ask yourself and not the person telling you, and then find out for yourself!” Fran believes and says “Never stop learning…learning is for everyone” A favourite saying of her mums was “Always aim high because even if you don’t reach what you are aiming for, you are higher than you were”

Fran or Aunty Fran as she is known is a D’harawal woman from the Bidigil- Swamp people, south of Sydney, an acclaimed Author and Botanist.

Fran has a degree in Climatology, Geomorphology and Environmental Science and with traditional understanding passed down from her Aboriginal mother; she has a truly holistic approach to understanding our earth.

When growing up, stories shared from her mother about plants and animals were among her favourites, when she was old enough and went to University she studied all the science subjects she was allowed to study to find out for herself what was truth.