Our Current Committee

Our current committee is made up of local female volunteers, who mostly work full time in their own professional fields. An incredible group of caring women who each gave so effortlessly of their time, their generosity and their talent.

With a heavy heart we will soon be wrapping up operations at Brand New Day.

7 years ago we set out as a group of volunteers & in our spare time to start a not for profit organisation for the Macarthur region; connecting and empowering females through conversations, education, awareness and pathways.

In that period, we have had the wonderful opportunity to form relationships & support building processes with individuals and groups within the public health system, local health care services & support networks, the business sector, local government & non-government sectors, local schools, local voluntary groups, and the general public; all working together to support the vulnerable people within Macarthur. We have touched lives in so many positive ways and it has felt pretty awesome!!

Along the way we have met so many incredible and inspiring people and heard so many really amazing stories. We have made so many friendships; many will be lifelong.

The Brand New Day story ends here as we are voluntary cancelling our charity. Although this decision has been difficult we know there are many wonderful organisations and groups supporting the vulnerable people in need in our community.

Thank you sincerely for everyone’s generosity, support, talent and awesomeness!! click to see acknowledgments 

Standing from left to right Leanne, Melissa, Debra, Belinda, Bernadette, Shelly, Therese and sitting are Suzie and Jane.