Female Survival Kit

A message for all women just in case…                                                                  img_1320203140_14931_1322455641_mod_150_114

If your situation was to change right now would you be ready?

The following is a suggested kit for you to have prepared… just in case…

  • Squirrel Fund (money tucked away that only you know about)
  • A basic change of clothes for you and your children – including something warm
  • If you have very young children or baby, items like nappies, formula, favourite toy duplicated, etc
  • Emergency phone numbers you may need
  • Photocopies of important documents like passports, insurance papers, birth certificates for you and your children, solicitors/ financial institution details packaged together and kept at a trusted friends place or your solicitors or safety deposit box or a family member you can trust.
  • Photos important to you…

Just in case….

You need to leave your living arrangements quickly because you don’t feel safe or

You are evacuated because of a fire or other natural disaster 

Your partner comes home and tells you they are leaving you and the children, or worse still you find you have nowhere to go because they have changed the locks on you or told you to get out or

You find out your partner has an addiction and you get a knock at the door or a phone call that everything you own is being repossessed and you find yourself with small children and no roof over your head with frozen or empty bank accounts or

That niggling suspicion … turns out to be true…

Just in case….

Your partner suddenly dies from an accident, suicide, murder or health reasons… You may have to wait for the death certificate to access your funds in a joint bank account/s when you need to access necessary funds immediately…

Situations like these happen every day to women just like you



Just in case…