Letters of Hope

This initiative was to encourage our community to write a letter to a special person in a local Macarthur Aged Care Facility, to show them someone cares… 

Australia has one of the highest elderly dependency ratios in the world. Many elderly people who have lost their health, are being moved out of their homes and into aged care facilities. They lose their family home and most move into a small room. Many have lost all their material possessions and more often than not they have also lost their long term partner. Within this situation it can become very easy to feel lonely or isolated. Older people who are lonely and who do not have strong social networks and support, can be at risk of developing depression.

The response from the public was amazing!






You know you are making a difference when you look someone in the eyes and you can see tears being held back and they say to you “I’m sad because I won’t be having the promised visit from my family member today…”

It felt so heart-warming to be able to share with them one of the Letters of Hope or cards made by the community that were sent to us to be delivered.

Throughout this 12 month initiative we had the privilege to visit many residents, delivering over 1100 letters.

After giving out the letters we shared time playing games, completing word searches, hearing the resident’s stories & their jokes.

There are a group of us with our children ‘The Team Hope Crew’ that will keep Letters of Hope going when Brand New Day has closed.

Thank you to everyone who sent in letters, cards & drawings – you really did make a difference!

A COLLECTION OF PHOTOS BELOW CAPTURING SOME OF OUR LETTERS OF HOPE ACTIVITIES – Please move your mouse to the top of the picture to see full view